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Go for the Gold!

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients, 2013 West Region Award Ceremony


The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Open only to girls in high school, this prestigious award challenges you to change the world—or at least your corner of it, and be eligible for college scholarships, too. By the time you put the final touches on your seven-step project, you'll have solved a community problem—not only in the short term, but for years into the future.


The Gold Award project is the culmination of all the work a girl puts into "going for the Gold." It is something that a girl can be passionate about—in thought, deed, and action. The project is something that fulfills a need within a girl's community (whether local or global), creates change, and hopefully, is something that becomes ongoing. If it is an event, the event should be something that people will want to continue for the next year; if it is a service, it should be something that creates change or action with long-term possibilities, empowering others besides just the girl; if it is something tangible, it should come with a plan for use and maintenance within the community. The project is more than a good service project—it encompasses organizational, leadership, and networking skills. If a group of girls work on the project together, each girl must be responsible for a specific part of the project and must evaluate her participation as an individual and a member of the group.


New Mexico Gold Awards

Alison Collins, Roswell, NM
"Blankets of Love"

Allison Dawe, Roswell, NM
"Duck Island"

Sienna Fleming, Roswell, NM

"Counseling Associates Mural"

Ginger Franco, Las Cruces, NM
"Warrior's Delivery"

Rebecca Ortega, Roswell NM
"Health & Happiness"

Marissa Rowse. SIlver City, NM
"Literacy Program (APPLE)"

Anisha Suri, Roswell, NM
"Spelling Bee"

Suzanna Tjarks, Alamogordo, NM
"Using Resources Wisely Fashion Show"

Texas Gold Awards

Amanda Ekery, El Paso, TX
"Painting Futures"

Jacquelyn Estrada, El Paso, TX
"Be True, Stay You Health Fair for Teens"

Rhaelynn King, El Paso, TX
"Puppet House for Child Crisis Center"



New Mexico Gold Awards

Serina Pack, SIlver City, NM
"APPLE (A Plan to Promote Literacy Project)"

Texas Gold Awards

Audrey Rose D'Antonio, El Paso, TX
""Dogdrey's" Pet Bathing & Grooming Center"

Malia Gandt, El Paso, TX
"Cub Scout Day Camp Sibling Den"

Katelyn Garrison, Odessa, TX
"Suitcase for CASA"

Katie Haycraft, El Paso, TX
"1st Annual Carnival of Tennis"

Jillian Henry, El Paso, TX

"The Great Escape: Agility Center and Grooming Care Site with Great Dane Society"

Laura Kost, El Paso, TX
"Recycling for the Future with Sierra Medical Center"

Amanda Scott, El Paso, TX

"Nursery Renovations Inside & Out"

Monique Tovar, EL Paso, TX

"Child Crisis Center of El Paso Youth Mural Project"