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Flag Etiquette (El Paso, 11.8.2018)

Thu Nov 08, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
El Paso Program Center, 9700 Girl Scout Way, El Paso, TX 79924 Map
Volunteer Training
Adult Fee:

You might be surprised to learn that prior to Flag Day in 1923, there were no official guidelines on how to display our star-spangled banners.  Now there  is a code, with several sections on how to display the flag, how to maintain and handle the flag, and as well as general respect. 

America’s flag is a very meaningful symbol for our country. This workshop is designed to help you work with girls of all levels on the basics of flag etiquette including the basic rules to present the flag respectfully and appropriately. It will also include flag retirement guidelines for US, TX, and NM.

Special Instructions:

  • Adult volunteers only. 
  • Please come prepared with  paper, pen and your training card (if available).

Questions?  Contact Volunteer Services at mjasso@gsdsw.or go 1-800-895-7390.