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Volunteer Opportunities

There a variety of ways in which a volunteer can participate within the Girl Scouts. We have divided up the positions into subsections below to give you a better idea of what the individual positions may entail. Click on the links below to jump to the relavent section of position descriptions further down the page. Note that this is not the end-all of positions available at GSDSW, we have the ability to create new positions that may better serve the particular skill-set of an incoming volunteer.

For more information and details on how to become a volunteer, please contact your local council office.

Adult Learning Volunteers
Volunteers involved in Adult Learning ensure that all of our volunteers have the training and know-how to give girls a quality leadership development experience.

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Area Leadership Volunteers
Area Leadership volunteers help deliver the message of Girl Scouting to their local area. This can occur in a variety of channels from media engagement, participation in local events, or assisting staff with coordination of Adult Learning opportunities.

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Camp Volunteers
Camp volunteers assist in providing support for our Camp properties at Camp Mitre Peak, Pioneer, and Apodaca.

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Program Volunteers

Program volunteer positions revolve around helping shape the Girl Scout Leadership Experience for Girl Scouts. Frequently, these positions can be found assisting in delivering program content to girls at Girl Scout events, creating new content to be enjoyed, or assisting with the approval and advisement of Girl Scoutting's highest awards.

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Service Unit Volunteers
What is a Service Unit? Think of a Service Unit as a volunteer team that manages and helps provide support, communications, and guidance to Girl Scout Troop Leaders within a local community.

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Girl Scout Support Volunteers
The GSDSW staff does their best to work at 110% all year long, but they cannot handle it all. Volunteer positions in this category fit into a variety of roles geared toward maximizing the capabilities of our staff members.

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Troop Volunteers
Volunteering in a troop is the classic way to engage girls in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. As a Troop Volunteer, you will help deliver the Girl Scout program to a consistent group of girls in your area.

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Lead Regional Facilitator (Trainer)
While working with the local Mission Delivery Team, the Lead Regional Facilitator coordinates adult learning opportunities in the area utilizing regional facilitators. Working with the Membership Manager this position helps schedule and recruit facilitators to support the training needs of community volunteers.

Regional Facilitator
Regional Facilitators provide adult learning support for local Girl Scout volunteers. Throughout the year, you will conduct trainings to teach volunteers how to deliver the Girl Scout program to girls in their community.

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Community Champion
The Community Champion is a partner with a Membership Manager. You will use your organizational skills to help supervise service unit operations within a community and help to shape and strengthen the Girl Scout program in your area. You will also represent Girl Scouting at community functions and events.

Girl Scout Community Ambassador
The Girl Scout Community Ambassador is well-informed about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and helps communicate a consistent Girl Scout message in the community as well as helping to promote Girl Scouting to local groups, organizations, and at programs or events.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience(GSLE) Coach
The GSLE Coach serves as a mentor and guide for volunteers providing one-on-one specialized coaching by phone or e-mail. You will share your skills and experience in specific aspects of the Girl Scout program to help new and inexperienced leaders provide a fun leadership experience for their girls.

Volunteer Leadership Coordinator
The Volunteer Leadership Coordinator oversees training support to adult volunteers to ensure that girls will receive a quality leadership development experience. This position partners with the Volunteer Services Manager working as a liaison between service unit volunteers and the council to address adult learning support throughout the council.

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Camp Host
As a Camp Host, you will help oversee our campgrounds on selected weekends when troop or outside groups are using the facility. You will be responsible for greeting incoming groups and ensuring that council safety and usage policies are followed. This volunteer opportunity is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on your weekends!

Camp Pathway Coordinator
The Camp Pathway Coordinator will use their expertise to assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of girl opportunities within the Camp Pathway throughout the council. You will help shape the future of our camp experience for Girl Scouts while aiding in the recruitment and development of volunteers for future projects.

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Older Girl Award Committee Volunteer
Attaining the highest awards in Girl Scouting- Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award represents great accomplishments for our older Girl Scouts.  On this committee, you will help approve, oversee implementation, and evaluate individual Gold Award projects. Through your guidance, you will help Girl Scouts network with others to complete their projects, and ensure they receive proper recognition for all of their hard work!

Pathway Committee Volunteer
As part of this committee, you will help develop new program experiences for Girl Scouts to learn from and enjoy. You will also be involved with program implementation, helping identify funding opportunities for programs as well as recruiting other program-oriented volunteers.

Program/Event Volunteer/Community Collaborator
As a Program/Event Volunteer, you will assist in planning and implementing a variety of Girl Scout events and programs in the community. These short term projects allow you to share your interests and talents with girls in a way that fits your schedule.

Series Pathway Coordinator
A “Series” is a journey-focused program for girls that is implemented in 6-8 sessions over a period of weeks or months. As a Series Pathway Coordinator, you will work closely with program staff to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of girl series opportunities throughout the council.

Travel Pathway Coordinator
The Girl Scouts Travel Pathway offers leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding through council-sponsored and nationally sponsored trips along with troop travel. As a Travel Pathway Coordinator, you will work closely with program staff to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of girl travel opportunities throughout the council.

Virtual Pathway Coordinator (Coming soon!)
The Girl Scout Virtual Pathway offers girls the ability to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience no matter where they live. As a Virtual Pathway Coordinator, you will work closely with program staff to assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of girl program activities available on-line.

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Service Unit Manager
A Service Unit Manager leads a Service Unit.  You will assist in the recruitment and training of your Service Unit team, organize team meetings to plan events, girl recruitment, and ensure troops receive everything they need to work effectively with their girls.

Service Unit Organizer
As part of a Service Unit team, the organizer assists the Membership Manager and Service Unit Manager in finding troops for girls. Together you will help develop and plan for continued growth within the service unit.

Service Unit Registrar
As the Registrar for your Service Unit, you will assist members of the Service Unit with the registration process, maintain accurate troop rosters, and ensure the Service Unit Manager and Membership Manager has accurate troop information.

Service Unit Event Coordinator
Working within your service unit, you will take the lead in developing and planning Service Unit events. You will also oversee the recruitment of volunteers to implement the events.

Service Unit Secretary/Communication
To support the Service Unit team, you will take minutes and attendance at Service Unit meetings. Additionally, you will assist in coordinating public relations between the council Communications Manager and local media.

Service Unit Treasurer
As Service Unit Treasurer, you will maintain and accurately account for Service Unit funds. You will help develop budgets for service unit events as well as provide support  to troop leaders regarding maintaining accurate troop financial records.

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Communications Committee Volunteer
Do you enjoy the public spotlight? Communications Committee Volunteers are involved with seeking out opportunities for Girl Scouts to be visible in the community. By helping to bring the story of local Girl Scouting to television, radio, and print outlets, you will ensure that the world knows about the great programs and events happening in your area.

Council Office Receptionist
This “front line” volunteer position, the Council Office Receptionist is responsible for making great first impressions. You will be the first face that the public sees as you meet and greet our valued Girl Scout friends and family. If you enjoy meeting new people, this position is for you!

Fund Development Committee Volunteer
As a member of the Fund Development Committee, you will be involved in developing funding opportunities in the community to support Girl Scout programs and services in the community. You will also assist in cultivating new corporate, individual, and community partnerships to expand the funding base to meet the needs of the program.

Historical Committee Volunteer
As a member of the Historical Committee, you will help maintain the rich history of our council. By archiving photographs, uniforms, and other Girl Scout memorabilia, you will be able to help safeguard our heritage. You will help assemble displays for the public to enjoy at our program centers and at program events.

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Troop Leader
Make a lasting impact on the lives of young girls as a Girl Scout Troop Leader! By guiding girls through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, you will help girls reach their full potential. Share your skills and talents with girls as you lead them through the fun and life-changing Girl Scout program.

Troop Co-Leader (Coming soon!)
The Troop Co-Leader assists the Troop Leader in a variety of ways. This can include planning events for the troop, assisting in delivering programs and activities, helping maintain troop records, contacting troop parents, and much more.

Troop Parent (Coming soon!)
The Troop Parent helps with anything that needs to be done to support troop programs and activities. An extra pair of hands can help make the troop program stronger and enriches the Girl Scout experience for girls.

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Historical Committee Volunteer


As a member of the Historical Committee, you will help maintain the rich history of our council. By archiving photographs, uniforms, and other Girl Scout memorabilia, you will be able to help safeguard our heritage. You will help assemble displays for the public to enjoy at our program centers and at program events.