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Cookies 2.0

Cookies are making a comeback! Help to spread joy with Cookies 2.0!

FAQ for Girl Scout troops and IRG's

Does your troop have travel plans or plan to go camping?

Does your troop have an expensive field trip planned?

Does your Girl Scout plan to travel with GSDSW Travel group or want to earn credit for 2023 resident camp?

How much can you earn from Cookies 2.0? Great question.

· Troops participating will earn $1.50 per package of cookies checked out and sold.

· IRGs (individually registered girls) or a girl from a troop not participating in this program, will earn $1.00 Council Program Credits for every package of cookies checked out and sold.

Want to know how to earn extra money/credit to help fund your trip or adventure?

· Troops and IRGs (individually registered girls) or a girl from a troop not participating, who would like to participate, can check out packages of cookies on consignment.

Interested? Complete a Girl Scout Cookie 2.0 form.

· View the Girl Scout Cookie 2.0 form here

Sign up for a cookie booth

· Click here to sign up for a booth and participate in Cookies 2.0

How do you pay for cookies sold?

· Council will ACH the council proceeds from your troop bank account or;

· IRG’s and girls in a troop not participating, will make payments in one of our Council shops (by appointment).

· Troop banking information must be entered in eBudde.

How long do you have and where do I sell cookies?

· Cookies 2.0 will run from now until Wednesday, May 31, 2023.

· Council staff is working to schedule booths.

· You can set up your own booth for council approval, lemonade stand or do a walk-about.

· You can call and email all of your friends and family about the opportunity to support you.

· You can post the availability on your Facebook and other social media apps.

What do I do with leftover cookies?

· Unsold packages must be returned to council by Thursday, June 1, 2023.

· Packages not returned by deadline will be the responsibility of the participating party.

For more information, please contact