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Over the years Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest has honored more than 350 women who have distinguished themselves through their leadership, extraordinary contributions to their community and, most importantly, by exemplifying the Girl Scout mission as women of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. We hold two ceremonies each year in our council: one to honor women in Southern New Mexico, and one for women in the Permian Basin area of West Texas.

The proceeds from these events allow Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest to provide scholarships, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE), enhance our four priority program areas: Financial Literacy, Healthy Living, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and Outdoor Leadership, and support various Girl Scout activities and programs for Girl Scouts throughout Southern New Mexico and West Texas.

31th Annual Women of Distinction Celebration
West Texas

Saturday, May 6, 2023
Petroleum Club of Midland
6:00PM - 11:00PM


Meet the Honorees

Ellen Boyd

Ellen Boyd of Midland ISD is a teacher as well as a sponser for the National Honor Society.

Ellen Boyd (1)

Ellen Boyd Biography

Ellen Boyd was raised on a small family farm in Plainfield, Iowa and attended Plainfield Community School with a graduating class of thirty-seven students.  Her childhood on the farm was wonderful. The freedom to roam and explore the outdoors consumed her, and she grew to appreciate nature and to be creative. She learned to milk cows, drive a tractor, harness a buggy, bale hay, pick strawberries, clean pig pens, butcher chickens, and other farm duties. She jokes that if her teaching career does not work out, she has multiple skills on which to fall.

Despite the carefree life a farm kid, she knew that she did not want to become a farm wife. While farm life was free and unincumbered, it was also isolating, so Ellen looked for ways to see the world. She moved to Midland TX to pursue a career in retail management. She would meet the love of her life, Bill Boyd, and they settled down to raise a family of three children: Will, Charlotte, and Katherine. To maintain her sanity, Ellen volunteered with PTA, church, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Smocking Guild earning awards like District 18 Outstanding PTA Service Award, Chaparral District BSA Outstanding Service Award, Arts Assembly Volunteer of the Year, Girl Scout Volunteer Award of Excellence, and Lifetime PTA Award. Her life shifted in 1999 when Bill had a heart attack. He is fine, but this event told Ellen that she must have a way to support their young family in case things changed. Ellen went back to college and earned Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in English and began teaching after a short stint as program developer for Girl Scouts of the Permian Basin.

Ellen learned that she is a writer and began applying for competitive grants to fund projects that included bringing in a Holocaust survivor to speak with students, a Funds for Teachers grant that included a nineteen-day trip to England and a teacher workshop at Oxford University, and two National Endowment for the Humanities grants to attend work shops in New York City and the University of Arkansas. She is in her eighteenth year of teaching and is currently the English Department Chair at Legacy High School, National Honor Society Sponsor, teaches dual credit for Midland College, and is an adjunct for UTPB. In her spare time, she reads, collects antiques, and travels. She is most proud of her children who have become better people than she says she could ever be.

Kathy Harrison

Kathy Harrison is co-owner of Miss Cayce's Wonderland.

Kathy Harrison (1)

Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison are sisters and co-owners of Miss Cayce’s Wonderland located in Midland, TX. This holiday and home décor store is celebrating 39 years in business and is located at 1012 Andrews Hwy. The 16,000 square foot store boasts seasonal products for every holiday from ribbon to door décor.

Their business motto and Mission Statement is CREATE, INSPIRE, EDUCATE TO DECORATE!

Miss Cayce’s Wonderland has used a brick and mortar location for almost 40 years to CREATE a beautiful store with hand selected products from all over the world to INSPIRE customers to DECORATE for all seasons. They have EDUCATED fans and followers on various platforms with tips and techniques that make decorating for the holidays simple, fun and stress free!

Becky and Kathy have always had a passion to create – they started as young entrepreneurs crafting, painting and selling their goods door to door and at local craft fairs. They credit much of their success to strong family influences and their faith and values. The store is named after their grandmother and is a tribute to the strong women in the family.

Continued on Becky's Bio....

Becky McCraney

Becky McCraney is co-owner of Miss Cayce's Wonderland.

Becky McCraney (1)

Miss Cayce’s Wonderland have employed 100’s of women, students and a few good men over their years in business. The store specializes in quality and customer service. Many people across the Permian Basin call Miss Cayce’s “their happy place” and now their online web store offers their goods to the world.

This team has a warm-hearted philanthropic spirit and loves to give back to the community through yearly charity driven promotions that have impacted hundreds of local organizations in a positive way. Some of the many charities impacted by Becky and Kathy’s involvement are Centers for Children and Families, Bynum School, the Junior Leagues of Midland and Odessa, West Texas Food Bank’s “Food 2 Kids”, Permian Basin Dream Center for Orphans, Safe Place, West Texas Chapter of the Alzheimer Association, Meals on Wheels, Rays of Hope, Midland Fair Havens, 3:11 Ministries, Buckners Children and Families, Pink the Basin, Need to Read, Suits for Success, and Fields of Faith – just to name a few. They say yes to almost every organization with silent auction items, a beautiful wreath, centerpiece or a seasonal product that will wow any audience! In their early years, Kathy and Becky partnered with the Girl Scouts in Midland and took in donated Christmas trees and decorations. The Girl Scouts would relight, rework and redecorate these donated Christmas Trees and give to nursing homes and under-privileged families.

We are honored to be recognized by the Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest as part of their Annual Women of Distinction event. We share many values and core principles about life, relationships and working together for a greater good.

Andrea Quiroz

Andrea Quiroz is the Executive Director of Odessa Links.

Andrea Quiroz is an experienced and dedicated leader with over 35 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She has made a significant impact addressing homelessness in the Odessa community as the Executive Director for Odessa Links. Her commitment to making a difference in her community has earned her respect and admiration among her peers.

In addition to her professional work, Andrea is a devoted wife to Rene Quiroz and a proud mother to Joah and Belle Quiroz. She is an active volunteer and serves on the board of Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest, where she sits on the properties committee. She is also involved in the Junior League of Odessa as the Community Research and Development Chair and is the Vice President of the Parish Council at St. Elizabeth's Ann Seton Church.

Andrea's deep commitment to the Girl Scouts is evident in her past work for the organization, including helping to launch Camp CEO in 2003. Her love of volunteering, traveling, attending concerts, dancing, and participating in church activities is well known.

Originally from San Antonio, Andrea has called Odessa home since 1991. Her advocacy for the homeless population has been particularly impactful, and she continues to work tirelessly to raise awareness and provide solutions to this pressing issue. Her leadership and dedication to her community serve as an inspiration to others.

Dr. Sandra Woodley

Dr. Sandra Woodley, President of University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

Dr. Sandra Woodley (1)

Dr. Woodley began her tenure as the President of The University of Texas Permian Basin in 2017. A role model for non-traditional students, she completed her education while also working full-time and raising her children.  It would take her 10 years to become the first person in her family to graduate from college.

She brings decades of higher education experience in executive positions in five states.  She served as vice president for strategy and finance in Alabama, Kentucky, and Arizona and vice chancellor for strategic initiatives for The University of Texas System in charge of strategic planning, analytics, and policy research.

Prior to becoming president, Dr. Woodley served as the chief executive officer for the University of Louisiana System where she led one of the nation’s largest higher education systems., which serves more than 90,000 students at nine universities.

A graduate of Auburn University, Dr. Woodley earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration, where she majored in finance and economics. She also holds a Doctor of Business Administration degree in management.

Dr. Woodley is a native of Weaver, Alabama, and is married to Stan Woodley. Her family includes three grown children, three grandchildren, and two German Shepherds.  

Past Honorees



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Betty Ann Prentice
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Bridget Jarrett
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Cathy Womack McKelvain
Charlotte Slack
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Lorraine Perryman
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Mary Katherine Friskics-Warren
Mary Wynn Hinkle
Merita Hart
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Pat Hunter
Patrice Allen
Peggy Caddell
Penny Angelo
Renee’ Earls
Ruth Allbright
Sally Steward
Schatzie Tighe
Shelly Unger
Sherry Bell
Sonya Haynie
Sue Roberts
Sue Wood
Sunnye Dinger
Susan Tighe Litherland
Suzanne Bobo
Viirginia Conner

1993 - 1995


 Mary Jane Young
Carol Siddall
Charlene Romero Wurtz
Charlotte Allen
Fredi Franki
Golda McGuire
Jo Miller
Margaret Purvis
Mary O’Hearne
Nancy Dye
Stefanie Goebel


Anne Carroll
Betsy Triplett-Hurt
Carol Hall
Carole Causey
Cindi Wiehle
Dr. Carolyn Rhode
Dr. Sue Blair
Jo Ann Davenport
Joyce Wilson
Julia Doris
Mary Lou Cassidy
Nellie Torres
Ray Ann Zant


Barbara Greene
Bernice Wells
Beverly Muire
Bonita Baker
Cathy Herzog
Doris Schiller
Gloria Grissom
Jan Havens
Jane Park
Joanne Langston
Jody Tayrien
Lael Cordes-Pitts
Lee Harris
Mari Willis
Peggy Kelton
Sarah Lew Grimes
Sue Craig

1996 - 1999


D’Ette Fowlkes
Dr. Donna Williams
Elizabeth Stottlemyre
Jan Donnelly O’Neill
Jane Wiant
Janis Hall Buxton
Jayne Krawietz
Laurie Stevens
LuAnn Elliott
Martha Ramos
Maxine Hannifin
Pam Hicks
Patricia Alexander Maurer
Ruth Wyche
Sharon Agnew
Sue Mahood
Thelma Cummins


Anne Mackey
Avis Faulk
Barbara Clack
Bernadine Spears
Bettye Jo Daniel Stricklin
Camille Doss
Carol Dunagan Husbands
Carolyn Tripp
Cherie Hensley
Cheryl Gomez
Cindy Tochterman
Dr. Fane Downs
Gayle Hill
Jane Meredith Wolf
Janette Bowers
Joan Webb
Joyce Zapp
Karen McCord
Linda Goddard
Lu Anna  Stephens
Margaret Rhea
Marjanna Russell
Patti Groce
Sally Kvasnicka
Shari Shackelford
Shurah Elizabeth Smith
Susan Hammons


Barbara Davis
Carla Bryant
Charlotte Hunter
Dana Carole
Edna Brown Hibbitts
Kathy Ard
Lee Lentz
Lucy Mullen Davis
Margaret Cowden
Margaret Wyn
Marilyn Hanson
Mary de Compiegne
Melissa Hendrix
Nancy Anguish
Petra Tucker
Sandra Clack
Sandy Tisdale
Shelley Barker
Tammy Hawkins
Tana Roberson


Alice Park
Alma Guerrero
Brooke Wiseman
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Debra Osborne Thomas
Donna Adams
Dr. Deana Savage
Elsie Hugly
Iris Correa
Iris Foster
Janet Frizell Kopec
Joan Baron Lamkin
Joan Baskin
Laura W. Bush
Linda Foster
Margaret Kerley
Mary Kaye Moore
Mary Lucille LaQuey

2000 - 2005


Ava Jane Fuller
Connie Nichols
Elise Kail
Marcia Cleaver
Mary Lou Thompson
Peggy Dean
Phoebe Campbell
Rachel Dobbs
Susan Fulfer


Cora McFadden
Delma Abalos
Denise Burns
Dr. Margaret Price
Lois Folger
Lynn Buxkemper
Martha Cooper
Mary Beth Anton
Pamela Hamm
Susie Hitchcock-Hall
Suzie Boyd
Virginia Chisum


Alma Thompson
Alynda Best
Dr. Margaret Wade
Dr. Sherrie Lang
Jane Hext
Juanita Silva
Leslie Harman
LuAnn Morgan
Marilyn Bassinger
Nancy Poage
Phyllis Stine
Susan Rogers


Audrey Curry
Becky Baskin Ferguson
Debra Solari
Dephane Tabor
Ellen House
Gay Fields
Janet’ Sloan
Kathryn Graybill
Nelda Guerra
Sherry Phillips
Susan Rutherford
Vicki Jay


Cendy Antley
Dr. Debbie Reese
Frances Walker  
Gayle Dodson
Paula Ahders
Trina Moralez
Winifred Walker-Wagner


Carla Smith
Eileen Piwetz
June Guess
Karen Nicholson
Lisa Crenshaw- Estes
Lucinda Hurlbut
Tana DeGraffenreid

2006 - 2010


Amy Hendrick
Bunny Petrosky
Debbie McReynolds
Joann Foster
Josefina Hooker
Pat Long Weaver
Teresa Floyd


Beverly Pevehouse
Brenda Denton
Carole Lucas
Denise Perkins
Donette Marble
Karen Johnson
Mary Clare Spear
Nonita Brown
Virginia Garza


Anabel Spencer
Chachi Hawkins
Debra Westmoreland
Edna Hibbitts Wright
Grace King
Jane Brite White
Karen Fullen
Linda Terrell
Rebecca Bell


Diana Browning
Kay Bivens
Kristi Hyatt
Sharon Heidelberg
Sondra Eoff
Teresa Clingman
Terri Spence
Vicky Hailey


Ann Parish
Barbara Creager
Frances Casstevens
Lori White
Mary E. Thompson
Mary Jane Morgan
Robin Darr
Sharon Hatten
Stephanie Rivas

2011 - 2015


D’Ann Foster Green
Feliz Abalos
Gene Kayser Jones
Jacqui Gore
Laurie Johnson
Maridell Fryar
Marj Carpenter
Rosalind Redfern Grover
Sandra Staley


Brenda Kay Clark
Courtney Wardlaw
Gloria May
J’Nevelyn Melton
Patty Smith
Rev. Cheryl Homsher
Tatum Hubbard
Wanda Campbell


Betty Nobles Starnes
Elizabeth Rogers
Faye Rodriguez
Kathy Swindler
Martha Kallus
Stacey Gerig
Sue Solari
Susie Evans


Cathy McKelvain
Cindy Shelton
Elizabeth “Liz” Jackson
Kathy Hassell
Marilyn Harrison
Nickie Opperman
Robin Self
Sarah Lauritzen
Sue Roseberry


Beth Francell
Beverly Alstrin
Elizabeth Leonard
Julie Marshall
Karmen Bryant
Kathryn Shelley
Lisa Sutton-Housman
Lynn Van Amburgh
Toni Lindley

2016 - 2019


Alice Friedline
Cookie Wetendorf
Darlene Mays
Julie Cree
Katherine Curry
Laura Roman
Margaret Jones
Paula Henry
Paula Loftin-Hill
Vicki Rice


Davina Hosick
Dianne Williams
Jami Turner
Katy Morrow
Patricia Stanley
Victoria Printz


Anita Gamertsfelder
Christa Ray Callicoate
Debbie Donaldson
Emily Baker
Gene Johnson
Laura Sales
Lori Nelson
Mary Baker
Mary Moore Barham
Susan Palmer


Alice Duerksen
Brooke Hendricks
Christine Foreman
Kristi Edwards
Lynda James
Sara Kate Billingsley
Tammy Stalcup
Teresa Burnett
Travis Woodward

2021 - 2022


Libby Campbell
Sharla Hotchkiss
Shelby Landgraf
Susan Spratlen


Cathy Eastham
Kathleen Kirwan-Haynie
Elaine Magruder
Judy Rankin


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