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Below is a list of our council required trainings. See a list of required volunteer trainings. Check our online event calendar for trainings scheduled near you. 


All required council trainings must be taken every 3 years.  First Aid & CPR Certification training must be retaken every 2 years. 

Girl Scouting 101

Required for ALL volunteers.  This 45 minute webinar provides you with a general overview of Girl Scouting.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW GIRL SCOUTING 101.

Let's Lead! New Leader 201

Required for any volunteer leading girls. This 3 hour in-person class will begin your journey as a new leader with all the right tools before you meet with your troop.  This training is FREE.  Please see our online event calendar for a session near you. 

Let's Lead! New Leader 201 REPEAT

For any volunteers working directly with girls that need to renew.  This onilne webinar has no audio and is self-paced.   BEGIN WEBINAR HERE.   Make sure to complete the  KNOWLEDGE CHECK  at the end to receive credit.

Let's Go! Basic Trips 301

Prepare yourself and your Girl Scout troop to go beyond your regular meeting space including short day trips, overnight trips of up to 2 nights away.  This FREE training is approximately 45 minutes long and available online.   CLICK HERE TO BEGIN TRAINING. You must complete the KNOWLEDGE CHECK to receive credit.

Let's Go Farther! Extended Trips 302

Required for troops going on trips 3 nights or longer in duration.  This session is about 45 minutes long and available online.  CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THIS TRAINING.  You must complete the KNOWLEDGE CHECK to receive credit.  

Let's Camp! Outdoor Camping 401

Required for troops going camping.  This course is a full 8 hour day and in person.  Price per person is $35.  Please refer to our online event calendar for a session near you. 

First Aid & CPR Certification

Troops are required to have at least one First Aid & CPR certified volunteer present at any and all troop trips.  Certifications must be offered by chapters of the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America or the American Heart Association.  Council will regularly offer these trainings for your convenience.  Please refer to the online event calendar for future listings near you. 

More Learning

Looking for more training?  See below for additional resources.




Online Workshops for Learning (O.W.L.'s)


Questions?  Contact Volunteer Experience at 1-800-895-7390 x 218 or