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  • Council Troop Leader Chosen as Guest Speaker for G.I.R.L. National Convention

    Council troop leader, Melissa Atkins Wardy, has been invited to be a guest speaker at this year’s G.I.R.L. Convention. Wardy has a passion about shifting the way people think about childhood. Since 2009 she has been creating meaningful change by fighting gender stereotypes, practicing media literacy, working with media content creators, and showing parents and educators around the world how childhood is impacted by marketing, sexualization, negative body image, and strict gender roles.

    Her critically-acclaimed, award winning book “Redefining Girly: How Parents Can Fight the Sexualizing and Stereotyping of Girls, Birth to Tween” was published in 2014. Launched in 2009, Melissa’s empowering children’s clothing line, Pigtail Pals & Ballcap Buddies, has received national attention.

    Wardy is an active troop leader for 55885 (Daisy & Brownie) and 55883 (Junior & Cadette) here at Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest. She moved to El Paso, TX in 2015 and was previously a Scout and Volunteer in Wisconsin.

    Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest would like to congratulate Melissa on this wonderful opportunity to empower G.I.R.L.s across the country.

  • Medal of Honor Recipient

    GSDSW would like to recognize Emily Holder as one of our Medal of Honor recipients from our Ceremony of Honors event a few weeks ago. 

    Emily saved a life by taking action and connecting precautionary measures to recognize the symptoms of someone suffering a seizure. As her family was traveling with her, Emily noticed a man acting strange and falling on to the ground of parking lot at a Wendy's. She quickly sought out help to understand what was happening to the man and if anybody knew him. Emily soon found out that a woman accompanying the man was asleep in her car and did not realize that the gentleman had fallen. The woman became frantic and Emily did everything in her power to calm the man down. She held the man down as he was in a seizure on the ground until he stopped and she was speaking in a calmly manner to the woman emphasizing to her that everything was going to be okay.

    "There were other people outside but no one was helping him and my mom and I were the only ones helping. They all thought he was a drug addict. That's simply not fair to think that if they don’t know him and if they are not helping him." reported Emily. 

    Emily's mom helped her call paramedics and both worked quickly to move him onto his side. As he stopped, Emily took his pulse for the dispatch and made sure his heart was still beating. As the paramedics arrived and started carrying this man on a stretcher he woke up and sat straight up shocked by what hap...

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  • Boy and Girl Scouts decorate veterans graves with flags

  • Girl Scouts, others decorate Ft. Bayard Cemetery