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Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards


We know you want to do good things for the world. Help the people who need it most. Protect animals that can't speak for themselves. Treat the environment with the respect it deserves. We know you have great ideas, ones that make a lasting difference. And that you're more than ready to work hard to put those ideas into motion. Girl Scouting's highest awards—the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards—are your chance to make a lasting difference in your community . . . and in the larger world. Click below. And start changing the world today!


Your Daughter At Her Best

Girl Scouts' highest awards are designed to help your daughter and her team make a lasting difference in your community. You'll find that your daughter grows into her best self. She'll become more focused, a better time manager, and a more effective team player. She'll grow in confidence. Inspire others. And set the stage for a lifetime of achievement. Girl Scouts makes the world smaller and the girl bigger. Sign up your daughter today!

See How Girls Are Taking Action

Visit our interactive Map It! tool to see how Girl Scouts are changing the world! It’s a great way to get inspiration for your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award . . . or just see what other girls are doing to impact their communities.


FAQ for Girl Scout HOnors

Check out these FAQ's for your upcoming project.