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Even with all the uncertainty around us at this time, there are many positive things happening in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®—around the country and in our council.

We are happy to announce an update to our council’s 2022 cookie program. Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest will be served by Little Brownie Bakers® in Louisville, Ky. Little Brownie is managed by Ferrara and bakes delicious Girl Scout Cookies®, loved by millions of customers across the country that are asked for by name. We invite you to take a video tour on

4 Reasons Why We're Excited (And Why You Can Be, too!)

There are many reasons we chose Little Brownie as our baker. Here are the four things that make us most excited:

1. Cookies baked with a single purpose—supporting Growth for Girls. Cookies like Thin Mints® and Samoas® from Little Brownie come with resources designed for everyone involved in the program, at all stages. Find resources and inspiring activities on, in the Volunteers section, and on pinterest/lbbakers

2. Helpful, reliable technology. The eBudde™ cookie-management system makes the Girl Scout Cookie Season quick and fun for all. Desktop and app formats are available, and both are fully integrated with the Digital Cookie® platform. Download eBudde Mobile on the App Store and Google Play.

3. Lots of fun and learning! The Little Brownie team brings a spirit to the cookie program you can see in everything from all the great resources they provide to help us have a successful season, to the rewards that are coveted by girls.

4. Focus on the future. Little Brownie is always looking at new ways to support the cookie program and councils. In this season of virtual cookie booths, Little Brownie has provided social graphics on (council resources) and (for volunteers and families) to help get the word out. Before this time, the baker has participated in pilot programs to make the cookie program accessible to more girls, including those in underserved communities.

We are looking forward to offering girls, leaders and service units many new resources in our 2022 Cookie Program.

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming 2022 cookie season. Thank you for all you do to help girls grow courageous and strong!