Fall Product | Girl Scouts of the Desert Southwest

Fall Product

Care to Share ($7)
Care to Share ($7)Care to Share ($7)

Hot Cajun Crunch ($7)
Hot Cajun Crunch ($7)Hot Cajun Crunch ($7)

Fruit Slices ($7)
Fruit Slices ($7)Fruit Slices ($7)

Dill Pickle Pnuts ($7)
Dill Pickle Pnuts ($7)Dill Pickle Pnuts ($7)

Thai Chili MixNEW ($7)
Thai Chili MixNEW ($7)Thai Chili MixNEW ($7)

Swt/Salty Mix NEW ($7)
Swt/Salty Mix NEW ($7)Swt/Salty Mix NEW ($7)

HnyRstd Mix Nuts ($12)
HnyRstd Mix Nuts ($12)HnyRstd Mix Nuts ($12)

Choc Cvrd Almonds ($9)
Choc Cvrd Almonds ($9)Choc Cvrd Almonds ($9)

ChedCarm CrnchNEW ($7)
ChedCarm CrnchNEW ($7)ChedCarm CrnchNEW ($7)

Mint Treasures ($12)
Mint Treasures ($12)Mint Treasures ($12)

Whole Cashews ($10)
Whole Cashews ($10)Whole Cashews ($10)

Eng Btr Toffee ($9)
Eng Btr Toffee ($9)Eng Btr Toffee ($9)

PB Bears ($10)
PB Bears ($10)PB Bears ($10)

Dk Choc Carm Caps ($9)
Dk Choc Carm Caps ($9)Dk Choc Carm Caps ($9)

DlxPecan Clusters ($9)
DlxPecan Clusters ($9)DlxPecan Clusters ($9)

Butr Toastd Pnuts ($7)
Butr Toastd Pnuts ($7)Butr Toastd Pnuts ($7)

Choc Cvrd Raisins ($8)
Choc Cvrd Raisins ($8)Choc Cvrd Raisins ($8)